La Savine Givens

Founder, Writer, Director and Producer


 Founded in 2006 by Ms. La Savine Givens, Soul Savin Productions celebrates 10 years in theatrical arts.  Born and raised in Chicago, Ms. Givens is a former student of Columbia College, Harold Washington College, and ETA Creative Arts Theater Company.  Through fourteen original stage plays, Ms. Givens has dazzled audiences by examining relationships, stimulating compassion, encouraging love and understanding by exploring social issues on the stage.  Her mission is to  impact lives by promoting positive change through her creative work.  

Through Judgment Call, Ms. Givens looks forward to providing audiences a new perspective on the commitment and sacrifice of reputable police officers.  Her goal is to give a voice to honorable police officers who often find themselves in the line of fire as dishonorable officers' actions are justified.  She hopes this production will serve as a catalyst to bring peace, understanding and improved dialogue between law enforcers and the community.

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